Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Upcoming Palin Rule of Politics

It's becoming increasingly evident that Sarah Palin was a disastrous choice for John McCain's VP. She's utterly unqualified, not intellectually curious, mired in a scandal, ultra-right wing, and petty. After some early hesitation, I very rapidly came to the conclusion that Palin was going to pose problems for McCain, starting with her VP speech, which I still believe ultimately hurt her.

So, Palin sucks as a VP choice. But I'm afraid, following XKCD, that the actual moral that will be taken is "women suck as VP choices."

No. Picking a qualified woman who has good policies and a command of the issues, and you'll do fine. All Palin proves is that, like with men, you're not going to do well as a top-level political candidate if you're not up to the job.

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