Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Never Calls or Writes

For some reason, I find this hilarious:
I introduced myself, and she [Roberta McCain, Senator McCain's 96-year old mother] smiled graciously and seemed eager to speak as I asked her what the week was like for her. But then she spotted one of her handlers coming through, and looked at me sheepishly, and said, "They won't let me be interviewed." Her facial expressed became pained: "They won't let me talk." One of the handlers, a blonde woman with a Sarah Palin hairstyle and glasses (very popular here now), then pulled her away, along with a male secret service guy, and Roberta McCain looked into my eyes, helplessly, pleadingly, and repeated, "They won't let me talk!"

I do feel bad for her -- she sounds very sad. But the image of a cute old lady like her trying desperately to talk to somebody -- anybody -- only to be stymied by an armada of handlers and secret service agents is really just cracking me up.

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Julia said...

OMG! She's like a prisoner of politics!!!