Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hope Happened To Me

Y'all might think I'm the most cynical White person on race relations alive in America today. But that isn't true. Take this post from Too Sense. It's entitled "Obama Campaign Bus Stopped In Mississippi", and links to an Onion article in which Barack Obama's bus is stopped under false pretenses by a racist Mississippi cop. Noting it's satire, the author nevertheless asks, "But, before you read this, ask yourself one question: when you saw the title of the post, didn't part of you think it might actually have happened?"

To which I responded, I thought the title of the post was telling me that the Obama bus made a campaign stop in Mississippi, not that it was stopped by the police. So I was elated: "Hurray, Obama thinks Mississippi is in play!"

Hope. It happened to me, and it can happen to you.

In somewhat related news, I'm not sure what to think of the opening anecdote to this post (below the Kerouac quote).


PG said...

I just adored Obama's remark at the Springsteen/Joel concert at the Hammerstein ballroom after the Smith dinner: "Don't underestimate the capacity of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Don't underestimate our ability
to screw it up."

In a lousy economy, with one mismanaged war and one ill-chosen war, with almost daily new stories about the questionable behavior of GOP leadership, can the Democrats still lose?

Si, se puede!

One Drop said...

In a word...yes.

By all of the usual historical markers, Bush should have lost in 2004. Corky from Life Goes On should have been able to beat him. Somehow, Kerry managed to lose anyway.

Granted, Kerry is to Obama what Ethelred the Unready is to William I.