Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$100 to the First To Kill Joe the Plumber

I'm kidding, of course -- it's not Joe's fault. But I like how he managed to incorporate whatever characteristic McCain or Obama wanted.

I had the debate on, but wasn't watching closely -- in fact, I was playing solitaire while listening with an ear to it. The bottom line is that Obama is like a Winky Wright -- you simply can't hurt him. He's too good defensively. A fellow chessmaster might be able to out-box him, but McCain is no debate whiz. McCain needed a knockout, and he wasn't going to get it. And in striving for it, he sounded far more conservative and doctrinaire than he has at any point in the last few weeks. His derision at protecting the "health of the mother" in abortion -- though undoubtedly thrilling to the conservative base -- is going to kill him with independent women.


Julia said...

Yeah, what the heck are they talking about? Health of a woman? We're just baby making machines anyway!!!

PG said...

The funny thing about the "health of a woman" is that Obama got a lot of grief from Hillary supporters over an interview in which he said that post-viability fetuses shouldn't be aborted for non-physical health problems (i.e. emotional health -- I guess he figures that post-viability, the fetus can be delivered rather than aborted if the pregnancy needs to end).

My shtick with Joe was whenever they referred to education or retraining workers whose jobs went overseas, I would say, "Screw college! train them to be plumbers! $250k a year!"

The Gaucho Politico said...

What is the conservative point with the "health of the mother" attacks? is this a definitional thing where they feel that the definition of health of a woman becomes so broad as to include everything short of a hang nail? i think that is a rather untenable position if it is indeed their point.

Anonymous said...

I like this title. $100 seems paltry for a hit contract, but whichever prize you're offering to the Second or Third person to kill Joe the Plumber may be worth the while.