Friday, October 17, 2008

Anything Can Be Not Racist

On the now infamous Obama food stamp, where he is surrounded by fried chicken, watermelons, ribs, and kool-aid, there is very little to say. The only thing noteworthy is that the creator of the piece and her family are denying it's racist. That's unsurprising -- anything that's accused of being racist is always denied to be such. The American South was adamant that it did not treat it's Black residents the least bit unfairly.

Maybe this case will impress upon us that racism can always be denied. Always. The denial, on its own, doesn't establish jack. And if anything, the justifications offered here (the author is married to a Mexican-American, the author also eats fried chicken) go to show that these typical defenses are not in the slightest way inconsistent with racism. We are watching living proof that you can do something racist and be married to someone non-White. You can do something racist and still support Alan Keyes for President. They're not mutually exclusive.


The Gaucho Politico said...

as to the issue of denials lou dobbs clearly illustrates the point.

PG said...

This reminds me of someone online who insisted that a voter who was OK with McCain's having a South Asian adopted daughter couldn't possibly be motivated by race in refusing to vote for Obama. People can be racist toward one group but not another, especially if the latter group has attained Whiteness. Good grief, under California's anti-miscegenation law, Mexican-Americans were considered white and weren't allowed to marry blacks! Perez v. Sharp, people!