Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Roundup

I'm traveling tomorrow, and also kicking off the first tri-annual "study-for-law-school-finals-suicide-a-thon"! What fun! And what better way to start the festivities than a roundup?

Glenn Beck hates America.

CNN forced to rehire 110 workers fired for belonging to a union.

Yet another example of the Bush administration selling our wounded veterans short.

Ta-Nehisi: Saying someone is a "great Black woman" doesn't erase all the rest of their identity (American, intellectual, whatever).

Another Florida state judge has struck down that state's ban on gay adoption.

John Brennan has withdrawn his name from consideration to lead the CIA. Some have questioned whether Brennan was sufficiently opposed to torture and extraordinary rendition during his tenure with the agency.

Matt criticizes the appropriation of Jewish anti-Zionist voices by the gentile community.

The NYT deals with domestic violence in military families. Loved ones who return from war with PTSD, and aren't getting the counseling they need ... that's a problem we can do something about.

Continuing on the theme of calling a man's wife his "girlfriend" or "partner" ("I don't believe in marriage"), we also explore not letting adopted children use the term "mommy" or "daddy". What, do you want devalue natural reproduction and God's Will? (Courtesy of the same source as the last time).

Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your dead animal (as my lovely Jill would say)!

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