Monday, November 24, 2008

The Spirit is Willing, but the Flesh is Spongy...Bruised

Minister who encouraged parishioners to have sex for seven straight days went only six for seven, claiming that one day he was too tired.

As to the "challenge" itself, I'm conflicted. The pastor is obviously approaching the topic of sex from an orientation that has some significant retrograde elements -- they're not front and center, but you can always taste them in the background. That being said, it does seem like his heart is in the right place: recognizing that sexual expression is an important part of human relationships, and trying to strip away some of the taboo and stigma that couples (particularly, I imagine, religious couples) feel about sexuality and potential sexual problems in their marriage.


Matt said...

It's, for some reason, not commonly known outside evangelical circles, but evangenicals have been pushing a sex-positive message for some time - so long as it's a married, hetero couple, who were virgins until the marriage. And no masturbation or porn or anything like that.

Of course, it's a highly romanticized view that few are likely to find realistic.

Anonymous said...

"...they're not front and center, but you can always taste them in the background."

That's what she said!

Figured I hadn't posted here in awhile... so why not.