Friday, January 02, 2009

We're Coming For Ya'

The Washington Post has an article up detailing the "concern" conservative activists have over Barack Obama's advisers. You see, they're liberal. And that's scary. To conservatives, anyway.
"It is disturbing," said Roger Clegg, a conservative opponent of Lee's appointment who is now watching the Obama advisers at the Justice Department. "The transition team as described to me was made up of nothing but people on the far left. Though Obama is more moderate, that makes you wonder what kind of advice the president is given, and what range of choices he'll be given when it comes time to make appointments."

Steve Benen complains, saying that the real story is "Barack Obama is actually going to have liberal advisers", not the mundane point that Roger Clegg finds them "disturbing". I dunno -- from a liberal perspective, it'd be tougher to get a better endorsement of Obama's picks than "they make Roger Clegg unhappy".

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