Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Open Season on The Debate Link!

My blogroll host has been down doing repairs for (literally) months. But today, finally, it relaunched, giving me the opportunity to make some much needed updates (and clear out some deadwood).

But this also makes an excellent opportunity to expand my reading horizons. So, if you see something missing from my 'roll (either because I read it and don't have it up, or because I don't read it and I should), drop it in the comments. Self-nominations are highly encouraged (unless they're from spammers).


Anonymous said...

You linked there once before, so you might have read it already, but I really like Edge of the American West.

Matt said...

I'm kind of surprised you don't link to Engage. They were formed to counter antisemitism in the academic boycott movement in Britain. Since the boycott there was declared to be racist in violation of the law, they kind of lost steam as bloggers. But with the boycott movement gearing up here, it's worth the link.

Also, a compatriot of theirs who at the same time identifies strongly with Greens politics, Mira Vogel blogs at Greens Engage.

EISCA is a whole think tank. And YIISA has some great resources, though no blog that I'm aware of.