Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Very 'umble Court

The Uriah Heep John Roberts court looks poised to flash some of that vaunted judicial humility again, by striking down a critical portion of the Voting Rights Act:
The real question for the court today is whether there are indeed five votes for saying that for purposes of Section 5, America is so right that Congress must be wrong. It looks like there may be. And that's a long, long journey for the humble, minimalist Roberts Court.

This is a clause which passed 98-0 in the Senate and with only around 30 dissenting votes in the House. Fortunately, we have an activist principled Supreme Court unafraid to second-guess legislative fact finding on the scope and distribution of racial problems in voting.


PG said...

Nice! Uriah Heep doesn't come up enough these days. HEEP!

David Schraub said...

A tremendous upset victory for my recollection of high school English, this post was.

I would have tipped your blog, but it seemed cruel given that I can read it and others can't. ;-)

PG said...

Best not to taunt them, then.

My high school English class kicked it so old school we didn't even make it to Dickens; I read most of his novels in a college seminar. So I'll have to work on getting more Beowulf and Le Morte d'Arthur into my posts.

The Gaucho Politico said...

love me the Copperfield references.