Sunday, July 12, 2009

RIP Thunder

As you may know, Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, one of boxing's all time great action warriors, was found dead in his hotel room while on vacation in Brazil. His wife is currently suspected of murdering him.

This is a great tragedy for the sport of boxing. As SC put it, Gatti could have come with a money back guarantee. Every fight he gave it his all, and every fight he was in had the chance to be something special. He retired in 2007 with a final career record of 40-9, 31 KOs, and four appearances in The Ring Magazine's "Fight of the Year" (only Muhammad Ali and Carmen Basilio had more).

Here's a highlight reel of Arturo Gatti's career. "Requiem for a Tower" makes anything sound more badass, but Gatti hardly needed it.

Rest in peace, Thunder.

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