Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Bells Roundup

I'm headed off to Arch Cape, Oregon tomorrow for the wedding two of my old college friends, Tim and Wendy (aka the fish killer). The location is a happy medium between Rochester, Minnesota (bridge bride [not again!]) and Anchorage, Alaska (groom). But both will be returning to Minnesota for medical school next year. Oh for cute.

Anyway, I'll be out of town until Sunday, sans laptop.

* * *

Jeff Sessions wants to smoke some crack with my boss from last summer.

Eugene Kontorovich has another thought-provoking post on the settlements. Again, I want to stress that I have no opposition to repatriating the settlers back to Israel. But it is fraught with implication that in, say, Western Sahara, Moroccan villages aren't even called settlements (let alone is there talk of expelling their inhabitants back to Morocco).

David S. Cohen wants to know why Sotomayor is worth such a fuss?

While our proportionate representation amongst death eaters is unnerving, Jews also get to claim Harry Potter, so it's all good.

And yet another tragic police shooting. Ta-Nehisi Coates comments.

Daisy of Dear Diaspora's got a guest stint going at Feministe. I know that I always prefer hits at my home base, though, so I'll link to the latest post on her own site.

It's hard out there for an aspiring political science professor.

Palestinian militants fired a rocket into Israel today. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

Gershom Gorenberg gives his thoughts on the "Breaking the Silence" testimony regarding IDF conduct in Gaza. One important point Gorenberg stresses is the importance of field level commanders on individual behavior. There was apparently significant variation in how various companies behaved in combat; differences that can likely be chalked up to the emphasis different commanders put on minimizing civilian casualties versus minimizing unit casualties.

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Unknown said...

"The location is a happy medium between Rochester, Minnesota (bridge) and Anchorage, Alaska (groom)."

You mean Rick Santorum was right? We didn't draw the line at heterosexual couples and now we've got man-on-inanimate-object!