Monday, July 13, 2009

Weiner Gets Married

New York Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner is reportedly engaged, to none other than top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

One gets the distinct feeling that the far-right Israel National News won't be sending flowers to the wedding, given its opinions of interfaith marriage (Abedin is Muslim, Weiner is Jewish). They spend most of their time wondering how Weiner's fiance will affect his staunchly pro-Israel stance. I am curious what makes them say that Ms. Abedin is "conservative" (one would think she wouldn't be working for Clinton, then, right?).

But who cares what the Israeli far-right has to say about American nupitals. I can give my congratulations. May they have a long and happy marriage!


PG said...

Hah -- I thought at first that this news was of interest to someone on the far-right because of the Republican whispers that Ms. Abedin was Clinton's LESBIAN LOVER! (30 years from now we will be watching Bill Clinton's funeral, and if Mrs. Clinton is leaning on an unknown woman for support, you can be sure that woman will show up on the Drudge Report hologram as HILLARY FINALLY FREE TO PURSUE LESBIAN LOVE!)

I assume INN meant "conservative" less in a standard Republican-Democrat sense and more to do with her faith, but this doesn't look like a dress for someone with a particularly conservative interpretation of Islam.

David Schraub said...

That dress is precisely why Jews are always chasing the shiksa (hi Jill!).

chingona said...

Careful now, David. No need to throw Jewish women under the bus.