Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Do We Want That?

Apropos yesterday's post, Hamas has indicated that reconciliation with the PA -- negotiations over which had been recently progressing at an impressive clip -- are now off the table unless Abbas apologizes for not supporting the Goldstone report. The problem is, I forget if that's a good thing or not.


Rebecca said...

Yes, I was just reading something from J-Street, which I generally support, in favor of Hamas and Fatah reconciling. I don't really see how that would further the peace process. Hamas isn't interested in peace - if they're allied with Fatah, won't they just stop any peace talks with Israel?

PG said...

Peace within the Palestinian Territories would probably be a good thing too.

Cory said...

Well, it becomes a question of which group becomes dominant in a unified Palestinian government.
To my udnerstanding though, a major part of the agreement is that there be fresh Palestinian elections in fairly short order.
It's hard to tell how Hamas would do. On the one hand, they've been scoring victories over Schalit, on the other, they've become increasingly theocratic in their regulation in Gaza and I've read that many there are starting to question whether Hamas is responsible for leading them to war.