Monday, October 12, 2009

Specialization, Please

I attend the University of Chicago Law School. Everybody here has an economics degree or a statistics background or is thinking about getting an MBA or can do math and empirical work. Except me, our token philosophy/humanities guy. Here, let me demonstrate the extent of my grasp on formulaic concepts:
If n represents the total number of law review staffers, the number of law review staffers who are more qualified than I to conduct an article review on "Myths About Mutual Fund Fees: Economic Insights on Jones v. Harris", or "The Jumbled Alphabet Soup of the Collapsed Home Mortgage Market: ABCP, CDO, CDS and RMBS", equals n - 1.

And yet...


PG said...

I heard our Law Review assigned its Mormon staffers to an article about the edgiest kinds of porn. So guys who are forbidden caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and premarital sex were required to read about and then citecheck references to websites that had "boil porn." (Apparently some men have a fetish for seeing women boiled alive?)

David Schraub said...

Harsh. Also, ew, creepy, horrifying, etc.