Sunday, November 22, 2009

Debaters Do Well

I already noted that one of my former vanquished debate opponents later went on to become a Rhodes Scholar. With this year's list out, I see at least two more debaters from my own era on the circuit have also attained that illustrious award. Stephanie Bell (Univ. of Chicago '08) competed in LD, so I only knew of her back when I was competing (though I met her post-graduation -- she was very nice). But Eva Lam (Harvard '10) and I were quite close as she came up through the ranks -- indeed, I remember her from her very first Harvard tournament! My, how they grow.

In any event, congratulations to both!


Julia said...

Midwest, represent. This is awesome news, thanks for sharing it :-)

Unknown said...

So clearly this is very late, but reading this post on my overwhelmed google reader made my day. Not only are you connected by one degree to two Rhodes kids - you are actually connected to 100% of the winners in our district (Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin). So yeah. Be proud.

David Schraub said...

I am proud. Keep up the fabulous work, and try to make time for us mortals as you keep rising to ever-greater heights.