Friday, November 27, 2009

Tie Fighter!

Never has a MIDI soundtrack sounded so good (seriously: it's done excellently).

I managed to install Tie Fighter on my computer last night. It was a hell of a trick -- requiring me to download a specific program and fiddle with about a dozen settings, with any mistakes requiring me to uninstall and reinstall everything and start anew -- but I got it done. Unfortunately, this likely spells the end of law school for me (not to mention my relationship). But still: Tie Fighter! Tie Fighter!


Peter Orlowicz said...

I was always partial to X-Wing:Alliance myself (also easier to install these days). What kind of joystick do you use, or are you reduced to piloting by keyboard?

David Schraub said...

Worse -- mouse. :-(

Majestic said...

Love that game! I remember watching Empire Strikes Back as a kid and then going online to download TIE Fighter Demo when it first came out. I spent hours with the TIE Fighter Collectors CD. Wow. Love the midi. Miss it too.