Thursday, December 10, 2009

Take a Hard Look

My administrative law exam tomorrow is either going to be easier than I expected, or kill me. I have a persistent, nagging feeling that I don't understand the material, but I couldn't tell you what it is that I don't understand. Hopefully, nothing important.


PG said...

I didn't take an admin law exam, but I hear that it often helps to think of why the regulation will be subverted and have unintended consequences (which sounds a lot like my Regulatory State exam). Good luck!

joe said...

When you have the persistent nagging feeling tell yourself it doesn't matter because law exam grades barely reflect knowledge of the material.

When you feel fine tell yourself it's because you are a master of the material and can express it so clearly there's no way you don't ace it.

If you are a person in the first category talking to a person in the second, tell him that his confidence is a sign he has completely missed all but the most rudimentary aspects of the subject matter.

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