Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Who's Trusting Whom

Check out this Gallup poll on the most trusted institutions in American life (or, more precisely, the ones we have the most "confidence" in):

That the military is at the top doesn't surprise me at all (though I think some founding fathers might choke). But when did the Supreme Court dip so low? I always thought a persistent feature in American politics was that the Supreme Court tends to receive consistently high ratings?

Meanwhile, there is something dysfunctional when, in a democratic system, the most democratic branch only has the confidence of 17% of the populace.



Matthew C said...

Yeah, it's pretty disturbing how closely the democratic character of an institution corresponds to its lowered trust.

Meanwhile. the paeans to small business strike me as funny, in the sense that I would find it funny if a bunch of children told me they liked peas and carrots more than dessert... sure we "love small business", but that doesn't mean we're going to stop shopping Amazon/Wal-Mart/etc.

PG said...

I suspect it's not so much the democratic as the bipartisan and multi-person nature of Congress that gives rise to distrust. (After all, the president also is democratically elected.) If I am a Democrat, I probably trust the president, but Congress has all those darn Republicans (not to mention Joe Lieberman), so it's less trustworthy.