Sunday, December 06, 2009

UCU So Far Standing By Masuku

The Jerusalem Post caught up with a UCU representative, who was quite dismissive of his organization's affiliation with a racist:
Asked if it was acceptable, in light of the South African findings, to give a platform to Masuku, the UCU spokesman stated that the sources were "not credible," suggesting the allegations against Masuku were unsubstantiated and speculative rumors circulating on the Internet.

"We don't comment on stuff doing the rounds on the Internet and in the blogosphere and never will," he told the Post.

When it was pointed out that last week the SAHRC upheld the complaints against Masuku, the spokesman said the ruling was made after Masuku was invited by the UCU. He added that the union would be happy to consider "anything that can be stood up with a credible source."

A copy of the SAHRC ruling and letter to Masuku was sent to the UCU, but union did not respond by press time.

For whatever reason, I maintain a sliver of hope that the ruling itself (which -- I presume -- cannot be dismissed as "stuff doing the rounds on the Internet") will prompt a more thorough response. Though I'm not sure why.

UPDATE: I should add that David Hirsch has a good post on this.

UPDATE #2: I've been waiting for TULIP to cover this story. They say they will post a response by COSATU as soon as it comes up.

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