Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Republican Party

In handy chart form:



Anonymous said...

this is fantastic -brad

Anonymous said...

Which ones is embarrassing exactly? I'm sure the opinion that men should have sex up each others butts in public in front of elementary schools (more or less the Democrat position) is totally acceptable to a moron like you who finds common sense embarrassing.

joe said...

"more or less the Democrat position"

Egads! They're onto us!

But in all seriousness I think with Democrat this and Democrat that it's high time there be a diminuitive term for Republicans. (Not a bad rhyme thing like "Rethuglicans" or an obvious synonym like "plutocrats"-- that's just juvenile.) I guess some people call 'em Pubbies but I'd prefer a term that would be recognized by lay people.

Maybe they should just be shortened to Republics if none of us can be bothered to pronounce the extra syllable.

(Surprisingly, Karl Rove says "Democratic." He is now the classiest guy on Fox.)

PG said...

beowulf2k8 exposes another possible survey opportunity on Republicans: ask them a series of questions about what they think the Democratic position on a particular issue entails.

So, for example, beowulf2k8 believes that allowing people to be employed in public schools without regard to whether the employee prefer sex with men or women is equivalent to public sodomy displays at elementary schools.

Logically, beowulf2k8 presumably also believes that if public schools can employ people in interracial marriages, if I become a kindergarten teacher that's authorizing me to have sex with my husband in front of the class. Possibly including sex up each other's butts. And if this is something students shouldn't see, then I, a person in an interracial marriage, should not be allowed to teach in school.

I think that will make for a fun ad to run about what Republicans want for our country.

joe said...

Please, what "Republics" want for our country.

PG said...

Oh, I'm willing to believe with some of these folks that it's genuine grammatical illiteracy -- they really don't understand that you do not modify a noun ("position") with another noun ("Democrat"). Certainly beowulf2k8 presents a tough case for the Ignorance Or Malice question.