Monday, February 15, 2010

Ron Paul Mourns Loss of Great Anti-Semite

Adam Holland has the story. Paul has always attracted fringe figures in American politics -- some because they're just strange, some because they're genuinely dangerous. Suffice to say, the pro-Paul movement comes at the expense of Jewish safety in the United States.


joe said...

I think it's hard to say the Ron Paul cult of personality comes much at the expense (or benefit) of anything given that the only thing his supporters seem to have in common is cheering him on in misspelled youtube comments.

Anonymous said...

Schraub didn't seem to be too concerned about anti-Semitism when the New Black Panthers singled out Reid Seligmann for their death threats.

joe said...

Were you really reading this blog back in 2006 cross-referencing the dates of his posts with instances of antisemitism so you could spring this cute little gotcha comment? Are you really in a position to make a claim about what David did or didn't talk about back then? Or are you just running your anonymous, smart-ass, possibly Ron Paul-loving mouth with no particular concern for what he did or didn't say?

Hmm... I'm guessing the latter since no intellectually honest person would assign any one individual the duty to catalogue every injustice going on in the world lest under penalty of being branded a hypocrite for talking about injustice at all.

Matthew C said...

Whatever, joe, I think Anonymous has a point. David's blog evinces no evidence of a sustained interest in anti-Semitism, and its clear that this is just an opportunistic attack on Paul. I mean, when was the last time David even wrote about anti-Semitism?

And let's not even get into David's unceasing fanboyish praise of the New Black Panthers. The hypocrisy is smoldering.

joe said...

My above comment is not to say that a lot of the kooks who gravitate around Ron Paul aren't antisemitic. I just saw a commercial for gold: the spokesman casually mentions that Congressman Ron Paul says gold is a great investment. He then goes on say "the financial elites don't want you to put your money in gold" because then they can't exercise their control over you.

Codewords ftw.