Thursday, March 04, 2010

Panel Announcement: Social Change in Unexpected Ways

I am pleased to announce the 2010 Law & Society Conference, being held this May in Chicago, will be featuring a panel on "Social Change in Unexpected Ways". The panel will be chaired by Prof. Gerald Rosenberg (who also will serve as discussant), and is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 28th between 10:15 - 12:00. The four papers being presented are:
"Sticky Slopes", David Schraub (University of Chicago -- Law);

"From a Critique of Sovereignty to a Politics of Solicitude: Narrative Identity and the Alternatives to Legal and Political Recognition", Matthew B. Cole (Duke University -- Political Science);

"College Debate: A Preliminary Study on Gender Disparity", Marisa Maleck (University of Chicago -- Law); and

"Accommodation and Condemnation: Teen Pregnancy and Education Equality", Jillian Rodde (University of Chicago -- Social Science/Anthropology).

If anybody is in the neighborhood that week, I know all of us would be thrilled be your attendance.

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