Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Throw Down The Middle -- It's a Gap!

The old mascot of the University of Mississippi was one "Colonel Reb", a reference to the old Confederate Army. The university recently provisionally abandoned the mascot, and a new search is underway. One originally parodic suggestion that's been gaining real steam is, amazingly enough, Admiral Ackbar, leader of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars. Like Ilya Somin, I heartily approve.

Also, I thought long and hard about this title. I hope it works.


S said...

I think the basketball teams would have to play a full-court trapping defense.

Judeosphere said...

I also approve.

Did you ever see this brilliant mockumentary on the "Battle of Hoth," done in the style of Ken Burns' Civil War series?


David Schraub said...

Maybe a bit overacted, but funny.