Thursday, May 13, 2010

Real Posts Mean a Real Roundup

Hey, I wrote three actual posts today, so back off yo!

* * *

Jon Chait blows the lid off Matt Yglesias' absurdly vague smear re: the meaning of Goldstone's past collaboration with South Africa's apartheid regime.

Feel good story about Gaza surfers.

Proponents of an anti-Israel boycott sure are attracted to conspiracy (see also).

Margaret Atwood and Amitov Ghosh had a lovely acceptance speech for their joint receipt of the Dan David Prize.

Arizona just passed a bill targeting ethnic studies courses, on the grounds that they may promote "ethnic solidarity" (which is "just like the old South", according to the state schools chief, who perhaps is a few years short of schooling himself).

You know what happens when you allow gay marriage? Gays get married.

Once again, for many conservatives qualities associated with American Jews make one automatically an inauthentic American.

In related news, John Cole is collecting the latest additions to the constitutional qualifications for a SCOTUS justice.


Unknown said...

May I say that as someone who was born and grew up as a second class citizen in apartheid South Africa, I regard Goldstone as a 'righteous gentile". His ruling in "State versus Govender" helped to bring about the end of apartheid.

Your campaign against him seems to be sparked more by his "apostatism" then by his actual findings; others have have found more harshly against Israel but remain ignored.

David Schraub said...

I don't think I'm waging a "campaign" against Judge Goldstone. I think I've been quite measured, but perhaps you can point me to a particular post of mine you find objectionable?