Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elmo Defends Katy Perry on Good Morning America

This is actually adorable. And really like that it seems like the cast of the show is genuinely enjoying themselves (you can hear producer-type folks laughing in the background).


Matthew C said...

Katy Perry is awful. Elmo was totally slumming it.

Weird thing about this segment: Chris Brown was "implicated in the beating of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna." That's a weird way of saying that he beat her.

PG said...

Matthew, I noticed that oddity re: Brown's role in Rihanna's beating too. So far as I knew, that incident had not played out as:

Someone beat Rihanna!
Oh, who could it have been?
We do not know.
Perhaps Chris Brown had something to do with it in some unspecified way?

joe said...

When was the Chris Brown song pulled? Depending on the date, he might have been merely implicated at that point and only later confessed.

And even if he did confess, implicated is clearly the safest choice of words in a litigious society. It's also arguably more accurate to frame Sesame Street's reaction in terms of the implication itself. After all, if the beating didn't become public knowledge, the show would go forward with the song. It's questionable to assume that the show's producers would have pulled the plug even if they knew about the beating but for the media attention to the beating and the ensuing scandal of associating with Chris Brown. I'm sure Mel Gibson worked with plenty of people who had a good idea how bigoted he was and who only got cold feet once that side of him got increased exposure. The Perry reaction suggests a similar approach (albeit on a very different kind of controversy)... obviously her cleavage was not surprise to Sesame Street, only the public reaction was.