Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a Classic!

Sometimes I wonder if conservatives realize Black people have said things other than "I have a dream...."

Obviously unfair -- there are Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell to consider. Still, the power of the conveniently dead civil rights icon lives on -- as does the ease with which the right tends to ignore the substance of other aspects of Black political thought (including Dr. King's).


sonicfrog said...

Oh, come on! You know the rule. When thy're alive, they're subject to ridicule. When they die, their words will be canonized!

Besides, King is "The Guy!" according to everybody on both sides of the isle. And don't forget that even King often borrowed from other dead civil rights leaders before him.

joe said...

That's all true but is there anything in particular that prompted this? I feel like there's a link I should be clicking even if it's just the same old Glenn Beck cries and compares himself to MLK thing.