Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All-Nighter Roundup

I had my first unintentional Civilization V all-nighter yesterday (well, this morning). I was playing a campaign, got in the zone, finally beat it, looked up, thought "Gosh, it sure is bright in here," and then realized it was 6 in the morning. Oops.

In unrelated news, bar studying is going quite slowly.

* * *

J Street comes out against the Gaza flotilla, calls it a "deliberate provocation".

An IDF probe finds that courts are way too lenient against violent Jewish settler extremists, crippling their ability to tamp down on right-wing violence against Palestinians.

In related news, Bibi Netanyahu declares that no man is above the law after a prominent Israeli Rabbi is arrested for incitement, stemming from his endorsement of a book purporting to give Jews the right to kill Gentiles anytime they feel threatened.

It's a toss-up as to whether social conservatives don't understand what "women's empowerment" is, or understand it quite well and just are opposed to it.

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