Saturday, June 25, 2011

What Clear Majority?

Once New York legalized gay marriage, I took a trip over to the Family Research Council, mostly out of pure schadenfreude. Tony Perkins was in typical form, fulminating about "political coercion" and improper "incentives" that swayed Republican votes. Yeah, I know -- what a crybaby.

But he also asserted that a "clear majority" of New York voters oppose legalizing gay marriage. Is there anything backing that up? A poll this past January gave gay marriage legalization 56% support in the Empire State. That jumped to 58% by the start of June. There's a clear majority, alright -- and it mimics the legislative majority that just secured marriage equality.

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Marni Jane said...

Interesting for the fact that the same group has been known to spout off about how all they really want is a legislative vote on SSM here in iowa instead of "activist judges deciding".