Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fatal Flaw of Brandeis University

The latest element of the Sandra Fluke walking disaster for the right controversy is that her boyfriend is ... Jewish. Socialist Jew Brandeis University Marxist Jewish Socialist Unionizing Jew (to be precise). Fluke's connection with this Brandeis-affiliated Jewy Jew
begs the question… if you’re so connected to the Mutterperl family, Sandra, why not go to Brandeis, a school much more aligned with your worldview, instead of Georgetown University, a Catholic Jesuit school? Are you admitting that a Christian school is better than a neo-Marxist school, or is there some other agenda?

Indeed, what an interesting question! Why would Ms. Fluke prefer to attend Georgetown for law school rather than Brandeis University? An implicit concession of the inferiority of the leftist worldview? A natural aversion to associating with those unionizing Christ-butchers? A subconscious desire to cleanse herself of sinfully wicked lustful desires -- or a guerilla campaign to introduce such decadent ways amongst the faithful?

Or perhaps -- just perhaps -- it's because Brandeis University doesn't have a law school. Good news for the University of Louisville, bad news for the coherence (such as it is) of the conspiracy.

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