Friday, March 16, 2012

Wisconsin State Senate Evens Up

In a stunning announcement, Republican State Sen. Pam Galloway -- targeted in the latest round of Democratic recall efforts -- is resigning her seat (due to familial health concerns). This causes the State Senate to even up at 16 members apiece, depriving Republicans of their majority.

Not only does this temporarily stop the Scott Walker/Fitzgerald Bros. steamroller that's been ramming through right-wing legislation (until the next round of elections, which will more permanently settle who is in charge of the chamber), but it could have a huge effect on redistricting. A Republican gerrymander is currently in front of the courts. If the Court rules the maps unlawful, they get kicked back to the legislature -- which, no longer unified under GOP control, won't be able to pass a map anywhere near as GOP-friendly as the one currently being pushed. That means either there will need to be a compromise map, or the courts will draw one -- either way, gerrymander (likely) averted.

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