Monday, April 02, 2012

Netanyahu versus Israel's Security

Jewish settlers purchase a home in Hebron in a closed military zone (it looks like they used some shady intermediaries to get the Palestinian owners to sell, not realizing it was going to settlers). IDF considers this to be a security provocation, orders settlers evicted. Netanyahu reverses advice of the military, orders the settlers be allowed to stay (at least temporarily).

Meanwhile, I'm left wondering: In the contest between Israel's security demands and its political leadership, who does Ben Kerstein think I need to agree with in order to avoid being anti-Semitic? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Rebecca said...

The answer is easy - whoever says or does the most right-wing thing is not antisemitic. For example, if I support the Machpelah House settlers, I'm prosemitic. If I back Netanyahu, I'm prosemitic. If I'm in favor of a one-state solution, I'm prosemitic - only if it's the right kind of one-state solution, as supported by the various American state legislatures that have voted in favor of Israeli control over the West Bank.

See, that was simple!