Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Today in Middle Eastern Jewry Roundup

For whatever reason, an outsized number of interesting stories about Middle Eastern Jews are currently occupying my browser. I don't have time to write on them individually, so ... roundup!

* * *

A formerly-Islamist, now secular Tunisian political party places a Jewish candidate at the top of its list.

Interesting story of an Iranian Jew-by-choice, currently seeking legal status in America.

Libyan Jews worry that new American agreement restricting importation of ancient artifacts from that country will -- in effect -- ratify the expropriation of their property. This, incidentally, is a great example of "why intersectionality needs to include the Mizrahi case."

A step away from Middle Eastern Jews, but still germane: an interview with the Palestinian Director of the Alliance for Middle East Peace.

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Anonymous said...

You may wish to be cautious about Simon Slama. It's not at all clear that he has the support of the local Jewish community, and it wouldn't be the first time someone with a Jewish background was used to exculpate a party accused of antisemitism. Not that I know anything at all about him, of course, it's just such an unlikely story.