Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Haha...Oh, Wait

Nothing is funnier than one of Wonkette's parodies of conservative activists! Take this sample ad about what the extreme right is saying about Senator George Voinovich.
Wife: Honey, were you watching C-SPAN today? Did you hear how disloyal Senator Voinovich was to Republicans and President Bush? Voinovich stood with the Democrats and refused to vote for John Bolton, the man President Bush has chosen to fight for the United States at the UN!

Husband: No, I was streaming it on the Internet at the office, but from what I could tell, Senator Voinovich played hookey from the hearings?

Wife: Yeah that’s right. He’s missed most of the Bolton confirmation hearings, but then shows up at the last minute and stabs the President and Republicans right in the back.

Husband: That’s ridiculous – the United Nations needs reform, we need someone who will stand up for the United States and fight the UN’s corruption and anti-Americanism.

Wife: Shame on Senator Voinovich. After the Democrats smeared Condoleeza Rice for Secretary of State and Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General, how could Voinovich side with the Democrats in smearing John Bolton?

Husband: It seems like Senator Voinovich has become a traitor to the Republican Party.

Wife: Enough’s enough. I’m logging on to Move America Forward dot com to register my protest with Senator Voinovich’s office.

Husband: What was that site? Move America Forward dot com ?

Wife: Yep, Move America Forward dot com

"Disloyal," "stab in the back," "traitor," yep, those are the stereotypical Republican talking points on dissenters. Wonkette sure nailed this one on the head.

Oh wait. The ad is real.

UPDATE: The ad is being forwarded by a group called Move America Forward. Legal Fiction reminds us just what they really are opposed to.

UPDATE AGAIN: The Drez raises some of his own questions.

UPDATE REDUX: Now Wonkette has a real parody up.

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