Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Real Problem

Every year since 1985, the State Department has published Patterns of Global Terrorism, which, among other things, measures the growth and contraction of terrorist activities around the world. Pretty important, right? Well, according to the Bush administration, only if it gives you the answers you want to hear. If, for example, the report says that terrorism is at its highest point since the report began, then the only logical solution is to stop publishing the report.

This fits two observable patterns about the Bush administration. First, it has either no clue or no interest in how to measure what "winning" the war on terrorism means. Second, it confirms that for the Bush administration, truth is far more threatening than terror. And for those of us who take seriously the dangers posed by al-Qaeda, Bush's lack of seriousness in facing it is the real problem facing the nation today.

The Moderate Voice gets the hat tip on this one. Media Lies and Dean's World have more.

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