Sunday, April 17, 2005

Thanks to The Moderate Voice

I just want to say thanks to The Moderate Voice for its very kind words. As this blog approaches its one year anniversary (this June!), it is wonderful to gain accolades from such a note-worthy site as TMV. I still remember the first time that anybody who wasn't in my immediate circle of friends read The Debate Link--I was so excited I bounced around for hours. Being linked to by one of the heaviest hitters on the net is a step beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Thanks to everybody who's written, emailed, and otherwise contributed to make this blog the best it can be. I couldn't have done it without you. And for everyone's benefit, I present the self-selected "Best of The Debate Link" link set, as a homage to all y'all.

If you are going to read anything by me, read this set of pieces on the War on Terror. I'd be arrogant if I said they were seminal, or particularly excellent, or anything like that. But I do think they raise points I want to see discussed, and it is a rare opportunity to get that discussion. So, the posts are:
Statecentrism and the War on Terror and Left Cross. They articulate what I feel are fundamental flaws in the way conservatives, and the US in general, conceptualizes and fights the war on terror.

And the best of the rest...
On Conservative Abuses of Power:
Crossing the Line
Uncivil Procedures
On Foreign Policy:
Calm Like a Bomb
War of Liberation
Humanitarian Intervention
On Gay Rights:
Values Based Debate
Another Step Back
Gay Adoption
On Genocide:
Not on my Watch
It's Only Genocide Part II
Deaniacs on the Warpath
On Law:
Original Sins
Diplomatic Justice
Defending Detainees
Revisting Booker Already
On the Liberal Academia:
Where to Professor Zywicki?
Novelty and the Liberal Academia
On Philosophy:
Blinded by Mirrors: Fetishizing Our Own Oppression Parts I and II On Politics:
The Bland Leading the Bland
On Religion:
Playing the Grinch
Which Witch?

Thank you all, blog long, and prosper!

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