Saturday, August 06, 2005

My Readers Rock

In the comments to my latest knock of "Judeo-Christian", NYCModerate was kind enough to say the following:
I was pointed here by The Moderate Voice and while I have nothing intelligent to add, I did want to say that I found both the original post and the comments of the highest quality. Far too often, a thread with more than 3 comments turns into a flame war over even the tiniest disagreement. This discussion of an already interesting idea was civil and added a lot to the original post. Thank you all for that.

I won't comment about the quality of my own postings, but I'll concur entirely that my readers have been universally topnotch. I've been blessed to have a core contingent of commenters who tend to disagree with me, but are respectful and thoughtful, which makes for an excellent blogging experience. So, to my first two big readers, Big Guy Rocks (who regrettably has stopped blogging), and Random Scrub (who doesn't blog nearly enough), thanks for reading when nobody else was--seeing your comments back when my readership consisted solely of my immediate family was a huge thrill. I haven't talked much on Foreign Policy in a while, so Marc Schulman hasn't been around lately, but he was the spark point for one of my favorite posts ever: State-Centrism and The War on Terror. Mark Olsen of Pseudo-Polymath has been terrifically loyal, perhaps my most prolific commenter and linker, and has done wonders in forcing me to flesh out the "anti-Judeo-Christian" argument I love to make--thanks for that. N.S.T. is a friend from home--though you might not know it from some of the exchanges we've had--and unlike all my other "friends" who got bored with the blog rather quickly, he's stuck with it. As for the folks who don't come by as often but I still recognize, like Blue Eyez and Isaac, the comments I get from you have always been to superb. Keep it up--and don't be strangers! And finally, to the trolls and spammers--I've yet to see you around, so thanks for finding other blogs to patronize.

You're the guys who make it worthwhile. Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to the posts to come.

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