Friday, August 05, 2005

Things That Have Happened Today

Kind of a lazy day for me today. Felt sick this morning, so I took off work. Here a just a few of the fascinating happenstances that have already occurred at the time of this writing.

-The Rodrigo Chronicles, by Richard Delgado, came in the mail. I look forward to yet another chance to bury myself in blissful leftist theory.

-The Washington Post reports that one of my favorite players, Scott Niedermayer, has left the New Jersey Devils (namesake of this blog's URL--David Schraub's a Devil) to play for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. I was depressed for a moment, but then a weird sense of elation came over me. After a moment of confusion, I figured it out--he'll play for the Mighty Ducks, as opposed to being locked out. Man, it's good to have hockey back.

-After resisting for several months, I finally gave in and bought the "Firefly" DVD boxed set after Daniel Drezner made it his "general interest book of the month." Prior to this, I had never once taken up one of Drezner's "reading" suggestions, despite his status as one of my favorite bloggers. So while I'll continue to ignore his viewpoints on economic policy, I'm all ears when it comes to science-fiction. I'm sure he's thrilled.

-Meanwhile, Drezner got profiled on Normblog. His most disliked personal fault is dogmatism. Hey, me too! Wow, I feel like a stalker.

-According to Sitemeter, I continue to get a steady stream of visitors reading my seminal article, How to Legally Hire a Prostitute, with one person labeling it "just brilliant." I feel bad, because Kaimi Wenger really deserves the credit.

-My younger brother just got home from camp, where he won the prestigious "Mando" award for the next Tom Cruise. I'm so proud.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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