Sunday, July 31, 2005

Must-See TV

UPDATE: 8/1 @ 7:40 PM
Jesus' first stop after the return:
GRAHAM: My hope is in the lord, Jesus Christ. And guess what, Bill? He's going to come back one day. And the Bible says — listen, here's...

O'REILLY: I hope he comes on "The Factor."

Somehow I think he'll have better things to do.
H/T: Is That Legal?

UPDATE: It occurs to me that would really would be great would be The Apprentice: Jesus Edition, with fifteen or so televangelists competing to sit on Jesus' right hand. Each day, another televangelist is "kicked off," by which I mean sent to eternal damnation. Christ could come up with a witty catch-phrase to, er, dismiss them, or alternatively they could just fall through a trap door into flames (ala Dr. Evil). Then finally, on the last show, the "winner" gets to--join his buddies at the eternal barbecue. Because I really dislike televangelists.

Yeah, I'd watch that.

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