Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yup, That's Me

So I'm looking at my Blogpulse profile, and I see a list of "keywords" that they see often in my writing. So, here they are:
defending, abstract, homosexuals, remedy, blogosphere, centrist, overt, biased, perkins, principled

It's funny, because I really think that would actually give a pretty good overview of both who I am and how I write. We have topics that I blog on relatively frequently (homosexuality, Tony Perkins, the mechanics of the blogosphere), phrases I know I overuse (overt, abstract), and characteristics and actions I find important (defending, remedy, centrist, biased, principled). I wonder though, would I appear to be conservative from this description? Aside from the centrism part, of course (which gives away the whole game), I think it is conservatives more than liberals who talk about bias and "defending principles" (and not knowing anything else, the casual reader could see that list and think that I like Tony Perkins' ideas on homosexuals). It's funny, because according to my friends I "look" like a conservative (don't ask).

So aside from the possible conservatism, that's me in a Blogpulse nutshell!

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