Sunday, October 22, 2006

B.D., Doonesbury, and Trudeau

The Washington Post has a fantastic article on Doonesbury's most famous storyline. For those of you who don't know, main character B.D. (the first character to appear in the strip) had his leg blown off in Iraq several years ago. Since then, the strip has followed B.D.'s ardorous recovery and therapy sessions. It's been critically acclaimed from all quarters, including the military, which gave Doonesbury writer Garry Trudeau special access to recovering military amputees.

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law monkey said...

that was, indeed, a fantastic article. i always suspected that comics could have some influence over public opinion, but trudeau's tete-a-tete with the pentagon really makes that point clear.

on an unrelated note, i'm sure you've already heard of some of the ballot initiatives for Maryland this election, but just in case, here's a site that sums them up. from one engaged voter to another. :)