Monday, October 23, 2006

Minnesota Ailments

I love Minnesota, but one of the few drawbacks of livng here is that I seem to get sick very easily in the climate here. My allergies are a constant problem, and on top of that I usually catch some form of nasty cold at least a few times a term.

The good new is that I have a pretty well developed response to sickness--I sleep. I am a crack sleeper--if I were a superhero, it would easily be my superpower. I can do it any time, for any length, anywhere. So last night, when I started to feel a bit under the weather, I thought: "Aha! I'll just get to bed, have a nice night's sleep, and wake up tommorrow refreshed and ready!"

I then proceeded to go to bed. And stare at the ceiling for the next eight hours.

Insomnia! Curses!

I finally did fall asleep at 9:30 AM, which pretty much destroyed any hope of me attending classes today. Fortunately, when I was telling this story at dinner, I got some good advice on my dilemma. A friend of mine, known only by her shadowy moniker of "K-Bar", suggested some Benadryl. Where might I find some? Well, it just so happens K-Bar might have a container full of it in her backpack. Would I like some?

I know, I know, this is how addictions start, but I was desparate. So I have four pills of Benadryl (two at a time, six hours between doses) sitting in my room now. And K-Bar has probably expanded her undoubtedly massive drug dealing empire by one Carleton student.

Actually, K-Bar is a Student Wellness Advisor, so I'm skeptical she actually is the local drug kingpin. Indeed, knowing what I know about K-Bar, I'd label it extraordinarily improbable. But "shadowy figure named K-Bar offers some pills she just 'happens' to have lying around" makes a better story than "Friend and Student Wellness Advisor offers me some medicine after I get sick." Let nobody say I don't know how to market. Besides, how else did she get the nickname "K-Bar"?

Anyway, thanks K-Bar.

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