Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Follow the Leader

The UN is having trouble pressuring countries to stop torture. Why? Because these countries claim they're only doing what the US is doing.

Steve Benen had the heads up, and notes sadly that only a few years ago we could condemn these people with a straight face. No longer. Now their sins are on our heads too. Over a year ago I lamented this:
For better or for worse, the US is a beacon. Other countries look to us to understand what freedom and democracy means. That is a privilege that the US has earned over years of being the world's most consistent shining light for humanity. But it comes with a heavy responsibility, to conduct ourselves within the most scrupulous ethical guidelines, to not take the easy way out, to try an elevate the status of moral behavior around the world rather than depressing it and/or trying to get away with the absolute bare minimum. When the world sees America the Free locking up persons in isolated detention camps with no trials, no attorneys, and no rights, is it any wonder that they go back and do the same?

So it goes.

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Anonymous said...

"So it goes." - ? Really?

I think, Mr. I-Hate-Vonnegut, that your subconcsious is telling you that Slaughterhouse-Five is genius. No denying it now, David.