Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Let The Bankruptcy Begin!

Greetings from the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada! We got in a few hours ago, had a late dinner, and are now settling into our rooms. They screwed up our reservation, which is always nice, because it incurred no real inconvenience while causing us to fall upwards into upgraded accommodations. Hurray for failure!

As to the impending bankruptcy, after enjoying a $10 hamburger (yum!) and buying Internet service for another $10 (per 24 hours--again, I hate how I can get this for free at a Days Inn), I'm well on my way to financial oblivion. I even lost my first dollar on airport slots!

I'll keep you posted--assuming I can still afford the $10 Internet fee at the end of the trip.

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PG said...

The Venetian might be the epitome of Vegas's latest swing toward aesthetic pretension. I love it, especially the Guggenheim. They had the Art of the Motorcycle there when I visited several years ago, and it was so well curated that even I, a person with no interest in vehicles as long as they get from point A to B without too much expense or pollution, had to be dragged away to lunch.