Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Brother's Political Savvy

One of my favorite Boondocks strips features Riley telling Huey about missing a class question that even he felt embarrassed about. The question was "which Black political leader said 'turn the other cheek'", and Riley was given the hint "King."

"I thought, how many 'King's' could there be?"

"I know, but Rodney King?"

Last night, I had that same feeling when discussing over dinner whether "Gonzalez was going to go." My brother perks up and asks, "Elian Gonzalez?"

At the airport today, the TV was showing a Bush press conference. My brother looked over and asked "who's that?"

My brother, FYI, is 17 years old and will be attending the University of Virginia (Engineering School) next fall.


pacatrue said...

While I was never a political junkie in college, I remember similar feelings sitting in the Goodhue cafeteria when my comp. sci. friend revealed he had no idea which states bordered Minnesota.

Of course, he's now a prof at McGill with a 4 bedroom split level. I'm in a single bedroom apartment still taking classes. So what do I know?

PG said...

Is your brother going to live in Hereford College? If so, his detachment from the real world will be complete. (I lived in Hereford for two years before I escaped to Brown, which also is detached from reality but in a reverse manner -- highly liberal, political, artsy, self-consciously eccentric, etc.)