Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vegas Wrap Up

I finished up on the house! Six bucks, but it's the principle that counts. Take that, Video Poker! I own you!

Saw Jay Leno do standup tonight. He was fantastic. Very different stylistically than Lewis Black, but if anything he was funnier.

Aside from that, I went to an oxygen bar for the first time (overrated). I also tried a Kobe Beef "slider". I feel like it loses something in translation to hamburger form. In general, though, the dining was superb, no surprise to anyone.

Oh, and I got my third watch since Spring Break. Watch One, a Nike sports watch I got a Champs Sports (similar to my old watch), saw its battery die the day I got it. They didn't have a replacement on hand, so they're mailing me a new one to Carleton. But that left me without a watch in Vegas. So I bought, Watch Two, a nicer one from Swatch at its shop in Caesar's Palace. That one lasted a full day before the second hand stopped ticking forward. So I went back to the store in the morning. To their credit, they replaced it immediately, no questions asked, which I appreciated immensely. I'm currently wearing Watch Three--if the pattern holds, it should last two days (long enough to get me out of Vegas) before something goes awry. Watch Four should be in my Carleton mailbox when I get there.

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