Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tragic Lack

When I first saw this photo up on Bitch Ph.D, I couldn't figure out what it was about.

I didn't think to try and recognize the faces, so it was confusing. What was the message? The tag line, "No education is complete until it includes us", reminded me of pro-affirmative action lines, so I thought maybe it was making some point about diversity, with four non-white faces (and four women) out of twelve.

But then I looked closer, and saw one of the folks is Ann Coulter. And then I realized that the twelve people were a who's-who of conservative pundits, though I only recognized three others (Michelle Malkin, Robert Novak, and Dineesh D'Souza).

And so I have to ask, what education is "incomplete" without Ann Coulter? Are they serious? I'm all for intellectual diversity in our nation's colleges and universities, but the presupposes the folks under discussion have intellects to speak of.

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