Friday, December 14, 2007

Law School Brochure Blogging, Part II

Positive ones today, kids.

I got a nice thick envelope from Michigan Law School today. At first, I was really excited -- until I remembered I hadn't actually submitted my application to Michigan yet (soon!). A nice counter-balance to the thin envelope I received from a school "acknowledging" my application. Anyway, I give Michigan full marks on its brochure. It was jammed full of information, and it came with a personal note at the bottom ("We love to get Carleton grads!"). The author even underlined "impressive" in "credentials as impressive as yours." Am I a sucker for having my ego stroked? You better believe it. But actually, it was the "Carleton grads" note that really made me happy. I like it when my school gets recognition, one of my close friends from Carleton just got into Michigan, and my adviser is a Michigan alum (undergrad and Ph.D -- she got her law degree at Boalt Hall).

Also with a good brochure was Chicago-Kent School of Law. While my eyebrows did hike slightly when they said they were "among the top three law schools in the Chicago area" (true, but I think there's a real gap between them, and Northwestern and Chicago), I did think they did a good job pitching their Honors Scholars program. I was particularly impressed that their LSAT cut-off for the Honors Scholars program was higher than their 75th percentile LSAT score (which isn't too shabby itself). That tells me they're a) truly gunning for top students and b) trying to improve the quality of their student body overall -- both good signs.

Indiana came today too, but it was pretty forgettable.

See Part I.

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