Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Round-up: Shabbat Shalom!

I'm taking a friend to Carleton's Shabbat services tonight (she's Jewish, but very non-religious and has always been too intimidated to learn more). So instead of posts, roundup!

Steve Benen: Although the Romney campaign may not like it, it's a good thing when reporters call out candidates on lying.

That being said, and though I'm no fan of "Multiple Choice Mitt", Ezra Klein fairly notes that the media seems to harbor a loathing of him that borders on irrational. Certainly, if they applied the same standards to, say, John McCain, their whole world would implode.

Eric Muller, perhaps the nation's foremost expert on Japanese Internment, is worried that Korematsu is being rehabilitated.

Keith Olbermann made a mistake on air. So he apologized. In today's media environment, that's actually news in of itself.

Speaking of media apologies, Chris Matthews gave at least a quasi-apology to some of his sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton. Feministing's Ann is skeptical but seems willing to put him on probation.

This is nearly two years old, but I only found it now: The new media image of masculinity encourages men to be boys.

The WaPo's Fix Blog has it's latest edition of The Line up. Of the top 10 Senate seats most likely to change parties, nine are GOP held. Ditto in the House.

If you're interested in what legal scholarship has caught my eye, the fourth volume of David's J.L. & Cool Stuff is online at First Movers.

Ethan Leib offers his thoughts on an event focusing on Randall Kennedy's new book, Sellout, "about people (presumably minorities or other non-white-hetero-males) that become enemies of their own people." Kennedy came to Carleton last year to talk about this project, but tragically, it was not quite the positive experience Leib appeared to enjoy.

And finally, Crotchety old lady one, ass-hole zero:

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