Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Vegas, Baby!

From The Washington Post's coverage of the Nevada caucuses:
Early entrance polling showed Clinton leading among women, older voters and those who prized experience while Obama held an advantage among black voters and those who valued a need for chance, according to the Associated Press.

Barack Obama: You feeling lucky, punk?

Also, with only 39 precincts left to report (out of nearly 1,800), it looks as if Ron Paul will take second place in Nevada, narrowly edging out John McCain. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee likewise looks like he'll barely beat Fred Thompson for fourth.

Racism ftw!


Unknown said...

In fairness, it's more like negligence ftw. Which is pretty much in line Paul's extreme libertarian ideology.

PG said...

Considering Huckabee's staking out the position of Confederate flag states' rights defender, while McCain and Thompson (special props to a TN politician for this) have clearly stated that it doesn't belong on SC's Capitol dome, I think there's at least an "insensitivity to blacks" ftw here.

Just how backwards a move for Huckabee that was became clear with McCain's win in South Carolina. Like George Allen's losing the county where he made his "macaca" remark, I think this is a sign that Republicans are overestimating the racism of their own Southern audiences.